List of Big Brother 17 houseguests (U.S.)

On June 16, 2015, CBS revealed the names of fourteen houseguests who would compete on the seventeenth season of the American reality television series Big Brother.[1] On the second night of the season premiere, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan appeared on the show as the first BB Takeover guest, introducing Amazing Race season 26 contestants, Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon, as the 15th and 16th Houseguests, respectively.[2] Additionally, host Julie Chen announced during the premiere that season 17 would feature a Twin Twist, where one of the contestants would compete as one houseguest with their identical twin, switching places every couple of days, unbeknownst to the other contestants. If the twins could survive the first five evictions, they would both be allowed to compete individually in the game,[3] which would bring the total number of contestants to 17. During the first live eviction episode, Chen revealed that the houseguest with a twin was Liz, who had been switching places with her twin sister, Julia, since the beginning of the game.[4] As in previous seasons, one or more of the houseguests will be evicted each week by the votes of the remaining houseguests, until the winner is left.


1 Audrey
2 Austin
3 Becky
4 Clay
5 Da’Vonne
6 Jace
7 Jackie
8 James
9 Jason
10 Jeff
11 John
12 Julia
13 Liz
14 Meg
15 Shelli
16 Steve
17 Vanessa
18 References

Audrey Cara Middleton (born February 8, 1990), 26, is from Villa Rica, Georgia, where she works as a digital media consultant. She is interested in astrology and philosophy and enjoys outdoor activities, live music, and putting effort into her appearance as a form of self-expression.[5] She is a self-proclaimed “super-fan” of the show and applied this year for the first time. Audrey is the first transgender HouseGuest to appear on the U.S. version of the Big Brother series.[6]
Audrey was one of the first eight houseguests to enter the house. On the first night, she revealed to the other seven houseguests that she is transgender. The houseguests reacted positively, and listened to her story respectfully. Audrey quickly formed a bond and alliance with Da’Vonne and Shelli, in the hopes that a woman would win this season. Audrey competed in the first Head of Household challenge and came close to winning when she fell off her board during the same round as the other three houseguests who were left in the competition at the time.[7]
Audrey quickly began making deals and spreading lies, but